Lumachelli Pietro e Figli S.R.L


LUMACHELLI PIETRO E FIGLI has been active in the building and DIY sector since 1948 as reseller of concrete products, buildings material, plumbing material, sanitation products, hardware, agricultural equipment and material, heaters and fireplaces, wood processing and wood supply for various uses, material for plasterboard structures.

Our company has become a leader in the market thanks to its wide range of products and its professional customer service.

Our company relies on two retail stores at short distance one from the other: our main sale point is in Pontremoli, while the other is in Villafranca in Lunigiana. These strategic locations guarantee flexible service and deliveries to all neighbouring towns and farther afield.


Large clearings near our retail stores guarantee easy and direct access to our warehouses for loading and unloading operations. 

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