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The original Lunigiana cast iron “Testi”

In our stores we offer the original and traditional “Testi” which is a particular coking equipment of the Lunigiana region measuring about 43 cm (56 cm)...

The cooking method using “Testi” is very unique in Italy, it is native of Lunigiana and it is similar to specific cooking methods used in the southern part of the Mediterranean region. The traditional “Testarolo” is one of the products cooked by using this method. The “Testarolo” is a sort of very thin unleavened bread , with a round shape and its diameter varies from 40 to 45 cm. The ingredients are: wheat flour, warm water and salt. All ingredients are mixed together to form a rather liquid batter. By whisking and battering the mix, the batter traps air and becomes smooth and uniform. Then comes the cooking phase with the use of the traditional cast iron “Testo” (in the past it was made in earthenware ). The “Testo” is a sort of portable oven consisting of two parts: the lower part is called sottano where to put the food in, while the upper part, the cone-shaped lid, is called soprano.

The inner sides of both sottano and soprano are red-hot heated over a beech or chestnut
wood fire . When the sottano has reached the set temperature, it is removed from heat
and the batter is poured on it. It is initially left to cook uncovered. After a few moments it is covered with the soprano where it is left to finish cooking.
Once cooked the “Testarolo”cut into diamond shape and cooked again in boiling
water, with the heat off, for a few minutes.
According to the modern recipe, it can be served with Liguria basil pesto sauce, but,
according to the original recipe (which is to be resumed nowadays) it should be served
simply with parmesan cheese or pecorino cheese melted with finely chopped basil and
extra-virgin olive oil.
In this way none of the four ingredients’ tastes (“Testarolo”, basil, oil and cheese)
prevails over the others in order to ensure that all flavours of the dish are perfectly

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